ThinkSTEM is a community program, with a mission to unite our schools, community organizations, companies and citizens in the efforts to expand student thinking skills around STEM related studies and beyond.  To accomplish great things, we must develop BIG IDEAS and act on them.  Our BIG IDEA for ThinkSTEM is that as a community we will literally paint the walls, scrub the floors, feed the students, and provide connected, relevant curriculum.  ThinkSTEM can not be a stand-alone program where few make decisions and few do the work.  So, today, we invite the community to join in.  We have many ways to get involved in ThinkSTEM.  Choose one for today, consider another for tomorrow, working your way up to the highest levels of support you can provide.

Join us on FacebookJoin the conversations. Our goal is to actively engage with the community we serve. Join today, share your thoughts, and help us build Thinking, STEM skilled students within our communities.

What can I do? Joining is simple.  Use the link above and “Like” the page.  But, the most important task…create conversations and join in on those by others.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  Facebook is a great place to share ideas, links, videos and all types of STEM related information.  Social media has the power to help spread the word about ThinkSTEM like no other means.  Once you’ve joined, spread the news, share the page, Like posts and get your friends involved.

Press Conference:  Revisit and share our recent press conference coverage.

What can I do?  Our recap video is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  Local TV, Radio, newspapers, economic leaders, school directors, administrators, teachers, parents and residents alike joined us for the press conference.  The coverage provided a complete view into the planning for ThinkSTEM.  We invite everyone to review the video and while doing so, think of ways you, your company or organization and your community can help build ThinkSTEM.  Still not sure how to help, keep reading this page for ideas.  Once you’ve decided, use the ContactThinkSTEM Page above to tell us about your idea. 

Become a FacilitatorThinkSTEM Faciliators are trained educational leaders who will work with students while attending ThinkSTEM.  Facilitators with teaching experience, STEM related work experience and a desire to learn are encouraged to apply.  Facilitator positions are part-time and compensation is hourly.

What can I do?  Use the ContactThinkSTEM Page to let us know how you would like to help.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM? Enthusiastic, engaging facilitators are the key to a successful learning experience at ThinkSTEM.  All hired facilitators are trained to engage students in thinking activities as well as play a role in planning all aspect of the ThinkSTEM program. If you find thinking , learning and sharing incredibly rewarding, apply today.

Volunteer as an Expert Presenter:  No one person can educate all students.  Students need to learn from community members who have invested their time and lives in STEM related fields.

What can I do? It’s simple, become a volunteer.  We know you are busy.  So, volunteer as much as you can.  use the ContactThinkSTEM Page above to let us know how you can help.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  ThinkSTEM needs to provide diverse experiences to the students.  We need ideas on problems from many different perspectives.  We need presentations from all types of industry.  We need you, your ideas and your expertise.  

Join the Advisory Board: Like all great community efforts, community advisement is key to ThinkSTEM staying on course.  Mr. Doug Ulkins will chair the ThinkSTEM Advisory Board.

What can I do? The Advisory Board is currently open for membership.  Use the Contact Us Page above and let us know you can join.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  The Advisory Board will ensure the ThinkSTEM program provides experiences relevant to the surrounding communities.  The Advisory Board will also content ThinkSTEM to resources outside of our current view and to people who have yet to learn about the ThinkSTEM program.

Donate Equipment:  Our walls are currently bare and our shelves are in need of items to bring life to the student’s ideas.

What can I do?  We need models, STEM related posters, tools, items that help student describe the world around them.  The key to donations for ThinkSTEM is that each item must be ready to use in our school, something that can make a real impact.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  We need to turn ThinkSTEM into a place where ideas can be captured and evolve.  The school walls, the hallways, the shelves and the window sills must be filled with objects to enhance learning.  Every item can help.  Let us know how you can help by using the Contact ThinkSTEM Page above.  

Sponsor a Workstation:  Student collaboration is critical to connecting learning and life.  Our vision is to great a dynamic workspace where student sharing is natural.

What can I do?  A workstation can be as simple as a table with 3 chairs.  We’re working closely with our vendor, an organization who has leaped to the top of STEM related learning environments.  Workstations can be sponsored at several levels, $1000.00, $2500, $6000.00. We will be happy to provide you additional details.  Use the Contact ThinkSTEM Page above to let us know you are interested in sponsoring a workstation.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  Workstations are all about fancy tables and trendy chairs that make use “look pretty.”  Workstations can be as simple as an area for kids to interact casually, with writing surfaces on walls, tables and floors and as complex as a high tech, data enable, multi-configuration learning center.  Each will be designed to give students the environment they need to engage in ThinkSTEM activities.

Donations:  Putting trust in our team to build ThinkSTEM is a great way to help us on our road to self sustainability. Our $1M grant is an incredible start for the next three years.  But, as you know, BIG IDEAS need financial support.  As a 503(c) organization, your donations may qualify you for a tax credit.  Mr. Brian Driscoll, Federal Programs Manager can help you make the most of your donation.

What can I do?  Just reach out and let us know you are interested.  The Contact ThinkSTEM Page above helps us collect your information.  Once you submit your idea, we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

How will this effort help ThinkSTEM?  Our vision (and requirement) is to become self-sustaining.  To keep ThinkSTEM open to students, to expand our services and to stay relevant, we will need financial support.  That support will be returned to our communities through engaged students with the abilities to help us reach our employment needs.